How to increase AdSense CPC

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increase Adsense CPC-If you are a blogger and you are daily uploading new articles related to different articles. Traffic is also coming to your websites but earning is very low. So don’t worry. In this article, you will get full detail about how you can increase Adsense CPC.

Many of us make websites and apply for us. But some of us get approval in only one request and some of us get Adsense approval in many apply requests. If you have also got Adsense approval and you have reached to out this article. It means your AdSense earning and CPC is very low that’s why you are here on our article. First of all, we should know what is CPC

What is CPC in AdSense?

In view of Adsense, the full form of CPC is Cost Par Click which means the total number of clicks on ads through your website.
I think this definition is sufficient for knowing CPC. But still, there is the question of why our CPC is low and how to increase it. For getting Full knowledge about it. Kindly read our full article.(increase Adsense CPC)

How much Adsense CPC is good

Everyone is getting different CPC on their Adsense account. Some of us get 1 dollar and some of us get 0.08 dollar. It is not fixed how much your CPC is on how many clicks. but you can say 0.35$ is the average CPC which is the average CPC.

increase Adsense CPC
increase Adsense CPC

How to increase Adsense CPC?

Everyone wants a good Adsense CPC. But you don’t know how to get a good CPC. If you really want to increase your CPC of Adsense account you would have to follow the below steps.

1. Best keyword research

Keyword research is the backbone of an article. By doing keyword research you can know about average traffic on a specific keyword. With this, you can also know what average CPC you can get on that specific keyword.(increase Adsense CPC)

Keyword research is very easy to do. You can use free tools or paid tools for keyword research. If we will talk about free tools for keyword research there is the best tool of google that is google trends. With the help of google trends, you can find new keywords or know about the history of any specific keyword. But you cannot find the competition and CPC rate. This is a very important part to increase AdSense CPC. For this, you would have to use the paid tool.

If we will talk about paid tools you can get many paid tools. But the best-paid tool for keywords that I will suggest to you all is AHERFS. AHERFS provides you best keyword research facilities. you can check the competition of the specific keywords. You can also find the best CPC keyword with the help of AHERFS.

Here are some best CPC keywords are Loan, banking, Insurance, cryptocurrency, etc. You can find many other High CPC keywords by using AHERFS.(increase Adsense CPC)

2. Language Of website

CPC is not only dependent on the keyword but also depended on the language of the website. If you are using local languages in your blog post your CPC will definitely be below. English blog gets the best CPC rate.
I am not saying that you should make only an English website. You can also work on local languages websites Such as Hindi. Hindi bloggers are also getting high CPC because they are much focusing on keyword research. You can also write articles in Hindi or any other local language. but you would have too much focused on other factors told in this article.(increase Adsense CPC)

Day by Day, People are referring to reading articles in their local languages. There are many websites whose local languages are spoken in only some districts. These types of websites are earning better than English websites. But the matter is only that the English language has a high CPC.

3.Ranking in a specific country

new bloggers don’t know that a website has not the same ranking in all countries. The ranking of the website also depends on the location. If your website is in Hindi there is more chance that your site will only rank in that location where Hindi is spoken.

If you are in India and you have searched any query on google. the chances will be more that there will be some Hindi websites also. as same if anyone visits your website with the location of India. the CPC will also be low because Google has learned that the product ads shown in India are low-paid.(increase Adsense CPC)

If your website will rank in America. Your CPC will automatically be high. On Some keywords like insurance and loan, the CPC is sometimes 10$ also. Now you can feel the difference in the ranking according to country and location. in India, the best keyword is related to Sarkari Yojana. You will get a lot of traffic by ranking any post on Sarkari yojana-related topics.(increase Adsense CPC)


In this article, you have learned to increase Adsense CPC. I have told three steps by which you can easily get good CPC rates. I hope you like this article. If you feel that this article is sufficient to increase your Adsense CPC, then please share this article with people who need it.(increase Adsense CPC)

we always bring this type of article for you all. Thank you for reading our full article.

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