Lumpy Virus – Infection, Symptoms, Cause, Treatment

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Lumpy Virus – Infection, Symptoms, Cause, Treatment Related all details are here on this page. Get all information related to lumpy virus infection, symptoms , causes and treatment on our website. Lumpy virus cases were less in number few days ago . But it has on the peak. The number of lumpy virus infected cattle has been increased very suddenly. Now Lumpy virus infected are in all the states of India.

Lumpy virus

According to the Latest updates the Lumpy Virus is only founded in Animals and it is very dangerous virus for the animals. This virus is spreading very fast all over the country. Many new cases related to this virus has been already registered. Till now this Virus is only founded in cows. According to some information, some species of Mosquitos are the carrier of Lumpy virus.

lumpy virus

Lumpy Virus is one of the most deadly virus for the Cattles. According to the information, this virus attacks on the skins of the Cattles that’s why this it is also known as Skin disease virus. It is damaging the skins of the cattle. We have shared more details about Lumpy virus infection, symptoms, cause and treatment in this article.

Lumpy Virus Skin Disease

As it is clear from the name that this virus causes Skin disease to the cattle. Lumpy virus attacks to the skin of the animals and give them so much pain. and damages their skin which is very painful situation for the cattle . According to the latest upcoming information, The cattle are die because of very hard pain. There are some other symptoms of Lumpy virus which indicates that the cattle are suffering from Lumpy disease.

During this Skin Disease the animal should not be in the group of the animals. It should be putted in other place. Otherwise Lumpy virus will be spread in other healthy animals also. State government and central government have started doing meetings on this topic and trying to find the solution of this disease.

Lumpy Virus Infection

Lumpy virus infection was firstly seen in Rajasthan , but now it has been spread 13 states of India. More than 10 Lakh animals are suffering form this Virus. 75000 animals have been already dead with this danger Disease. These numbers are increasing very fast. This virus is carried by insects and Mosquito from one infected animals to another healthy animals to make other healthy animals infected.

Many people are asking that does this lumpy virus also happens to humans? do we not go near the infected animals ? Will we become infected of lumpy virus if we drink milk of infected cow? Here , I would like to give a simple answer that still this Lumpy virus has not found in Human being. So , we can not say anything this time.

Lumpy Virus Symptoms

This article has related details to Lumpy Virus. If your animals suffers with virus you have to go to the animal doctors. Lumpy virus symptoms an be easily seen by a normal people. The are visible on the skin of the animal . but in the starting days, it can be difficult to find the symptoms in infected virus. We have given the full detail about lumpy virus symptoms from starting.

The symptoms of Lumpy virus start with flow of water from the nose and the mouth of the infected animal. they suffer with fever and stop eating. This is the starting symptom of lumpy virus. After some days small lump will be visible which is full of pus and it is very painful time for infected animals. This pain bring them to the death.

If you see these symptoms in your animals you should take advise to animal’s doctor and other higher government offices.

Lumpy Virus Cause

As this is a type of virus so it transmit from one infected animals to another healthy animal. This is spreading through bite of mosquito and other small animals. According to latest information it also spread from animal breeding and pus of lumpy virus lumps. Still research is going on that how it started and what are the reason that this is spreading very faster.

The main reason is Humans are not caring about animals. Everything in the ecosystem is connected to each other. And we also now these all disturbance in the world is only because of Human being. Human uses plastic and through it here and there . Many times Plastic is eaten by animals which causes a lots of disease to them.

Lumpy Virus Treatment

As we know that this Lumpy virus is new in India that’s why there is still no medical treatment is available till date. Many research are going on and doctors are giving their best to save the life of animals. Presently Infected animals are advised to keep at seperate place from other animals. If you visit to the Infected animal then you should wash your hand both the time, when you go and come back.

And also try to keep the cattle at a clean place and where no other animals go easily. You have to give your best. All the information we have provided related to which real information are present on the Internet. We recommend you to visit to the Animal’s doctor for better results.

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